Artificial Intelligence and Digital Fire Now

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing are a lethal competitive combination! That's how I grew a blog by more than 200% within 10 months.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing are a lethal competitive combination that I’ll be explaining here!

The Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing Learning Curve

I grew a blog by more than 200% within 10 months. It went from 130k views in 2022 to +410k in 2023.

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Sci-fi nuts (like me) will likely remember Alvin Toffler, a futurist and author known for his works on the effects of technological advancements on society.

For example, one of his most memorable quotes is:

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

This quote emphasizes the importance of adaptability and the ability to continually update one’s knowledge and skills in the face of rapidly changing technologies and societal shifts.

Learning is not only about acquiring new information but also about being willing to let go of outdated knowledge and habits to embrace new ideas and ways of doing things.

Well, I’ve been learning, unlearning (and forgetting) faster than Toffler ever freaking imagined!

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing is a Lethal Competitive Combo

After a bit of fun with AI I started exploring how to leverage it in my projects this year.

My Artificial Intelligence and Digital Journey is Still Rocking Hard

I follow the artificial intelligence hype like a hungry lion.

Last year I started working through a list of more than 300 forms of AI.

But the image generation ones appealed most at first.

Then I moved on to AI writing tools.

ChatGPT soon became the easiest one to ‘bond’ with as there are no usage restrictions that limit the number of chats.

But goddam, there’s so much amazing stuff to explore!

We’ve also posted articles on Keep Climbing to help youth and job seekers harness AI.

The links are at the end of this post.

There’s one post questioning if AI training is worth paying for when AI can teach you for free! Cheeky! 😉

Combining Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Combining artificial intelligence and digital marketing can save you time and money if you learn to use the tools properly.

I use an SEO plug-in on this site and it helps improve my writing for you beautiful people (hopefully)!

On average, it now takes me about 4-5 hours to produce a post.

That’s opposed to 4 or 5 days! Imagine the positive knock-on effect for my clients too!

I’ve done the thing of getting ChatGPT to write an entire post from scratch and used it to test search engine performance.

It wasn’t entirely satisfying but it was a great learning curve.

I realize I like to teach and those are my best-performing posts.

As a result, I discovered much better ways to use AI for blogging and those helped me increase my views.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing Steps: Consultation

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Book a consultation and let’s chat about how I can teach you to combine artificial intelligence and digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence Benefits and Impacts

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses computer software and intelligent machines. For example, drones or robots, that can “think” and perform tasks in a human way.

Previously, these tasks were exclusive to humans. It’s hard to believe, but AI can do activities like planning, learning, reasoning, and problem-solving.

Artificial Intelligence is therefore rooted in the principle that machines can imitate human intelligence across tasks of varying complexity.

Combining Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing is Easier than Ever Before

Massive advancements in AI continually benefit numerous organizations and businesses.

Organizations, particularly entrepreneurs, want to take advantage of the ability to increase their competitive edge.

By using AI, you can also free up time for the tasks machines can’t do.

For example, AI enhances Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and automation.

Large companies rely on CRMs to manage employees and teams, thus minimizing the need for micromanagement.

This, in turn, ensures automatic updates for the management team.

Fast feedback contributes to a self-correcting system that improves the overall work cycle and places added responsibilities on top management.

In sectors like financial institutions, the quality of customer services, especially in trading rooms and banks, is expected to rise with the incorporation of AI software.

This is evidenced by the huge use of Chatbots and IT helpdesk software.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

As AI continually revolutionizes work process flows, its integration into digital marketing strategies also becomes increasingly indispensable.

Log in to ChatGPT or any other text AI and tell it to create a January content plan for a specific topic area.

Tell it that your goal is to have more posts to attract traffic to your website.

List the post titles that should be published during January.

You can also tell ChatGPT to teach you how to use it. Click here for more about artificial intelligence training.

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Transforming Digital Marketing through Artificial Intelligence

Envisioning a Digital Marketing Revolution with AI

Experts in the AI industry forecast that by 2030, a substantial 45% of economic earnings will be derived from the commercial application of AI solutions.

This will revolutionize marketing strategies.

The seismic shift is set to outperform current methods and redefine the digital landscape.

By seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into their operations, marketers gain unprecedented efficiencies.

They will save time and resources while being able to gain significantly deeper insights through advanced data analysis.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

The expansive growth of AI promises dynamic transformations across various sectors. Specific applications in digital marketing include:

1. Personalized Recommendations and Content Curation:

AI not only creates content but also recommends products and services based on user behavior.

This in turn can lead to personalized content that boosts business profits.

2. Content Creation and Consent Generation:

AI aids in creating content by utilizing provided data.

For example, applications like Automated Journalism save time and resources for news organizations.

3. AI-Enhanced Web Design:

Designing websites becomes seamless with AI too!

AI uses the information provided to create professional-looking designs without the need for a programmer or designer.

I haven’t fully done this yet but have experimented a bit using Elementor.

4. AI Chatbots for Support Productivity:

Chatbots in IT service desks streamline support processes.

Thus allowing quick resolution of queries and enabling teams to focus on complex issues.

5. AI-Powered Email Marketing:

Brands leverage AI to customize emails based on audience behaviour and preferences.

This then enhances engagement and relevance.

6. Revolutionizing Online Searches:

Innovations like Voice Search and other AI advances reshape how users search for content, forcing marketers to adapt their strategies.

7. Precision in Digital Advertising:

AI optimizes digital advertising. It does this when analyzing user information, and tailoring ads based on demographics, interests, and micro trends.

Therefore AI helps in reducing wastage while bolstering success.

AI’s Takeover of Market Trend Recognition

As a development economist, I’m interested in how new patterns are constructed in the economy.

I love how AI is reshaping the digital marketing landscape by making data aggregation and crunching easier.

AI is assuming roles traditionally performed by humans, particularly in recognizing market trends. Here are key ways in which AI is making its mark:

1. Enhanced Audience Understanding:

AI analyzes and predicts customer buying behaviour.

This significantly improves the whole purchase experience by delivering precisely what buyers need.

2. Data-Driven Marketing Excellence:

AI’s data-driven analysis ensures more effective marketing strategies.

AI therefore allows organizations to tailor their approaches based on comprehensive insights.

3. Maximizing Return on Investment (ROI):

Incorporating AI into digital marketing empowers decision-making.

You now have faster ways of running an analysis and testing your ideas.

This then enables businesses to reach the right audience and optimize content for increased profits.

4. Boosting Productivity:

You can send more emails, create more copy and produce phenomenal graphics faster than ever before!

Best of all, many AI applications are free!

AI automates repetitive tasks, leads to cost reduction, and can ultimately foster your business growth now!

Get Started with Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

AI technology is a game-changer for digital marketing strategies, providing not just efficiency but strategic and creative potential.

Organizations need to adapt to this trend.

AI is not here to replace jobs but to empower businesses with unprecedented capabilities.

Your readiness to embrace and integrate AI will be the key to thriving in the evolving landscape of digital marketing.

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