The Best QCTO Accreditation Do-It-Yourself

QCTO Accreditation Do-It-Yourself, the most cost-effective and meaningful solution for any education and training start-up. Fast track your compliance system.

The Accreditation Do-It-Yourself Seminars, are the most cost-effective and meaningful solution for any education and training start-up. Attend accreditation seminars and learn about various aspects of accreditation and system compliance.

Save and Succeed With The Accreditation Do-It-Yourself


Once schooled in accreditation requirements and curve balls, you may not feel the consultant was such a rip-off.

Putting an accreditation application together is a motherload of work and deservedly so.

The cheaper your deal, the more generic and less market-specific your application and business argument will be. 


A great consultant will assist you with a market analysis and match it to what you can offer. They don’t cost peanuts but their work will ensure your business vision remains on track. So if you take yourself seriously  – you know what to do! In the long run they could save you a bundle.

The cheaper consultants are useful, but they’re administrators and anyone smart will tell you that

Accreditation is a strategic process drawing upon market knowledge and competitive ability

New organizations will compete against companies that have been training within these accredited frameworks for more than a decade.

rpl and other policies for accreditation consultation

Accreditation Do-It-Yourself Seminars Address:

  • Making viable decisions around purchasing or developing a Quality Management System.
  • What’s time and cost-effective if you are starting from scratch?
  • Lists of policy and procedures for full accreditation
  • How to customize without risking compliance
  • Developing training content
  • Purchase protection – what to look for in content

If you need to fully understand how to compile a comprehensive accreditation strategy in order to add value to your business development, check out the Building Blocks and the Business Strategy seminars.


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