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Business Consulting: About 7Sundays

Leonie leads the team, providing support services nationally and to international clients.

“The name 7Sundays refers to taking time to think, recalibrate and foster new pathways. Deeper meaning in your life translates to how you reject or assimilate new business ideas.”

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What You Need To Know About 7Sundays Strategic Process

About 7Sundays Strategic Process

One on one sessions or a group workshop commitment is required. Goals are established prior to engagement and nuance all activities. The activities can deal with resistance to change, how

Align Costs With Strategy And Focus On Growth: About 7Sundays

Let’s balance your budget according to turnaround time and your service level requirements. We have a range of bespoke, turnkey, and customizable solutions available.

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Why Choose Leonie

I studied fine art, education, human resource management and development economics. I’ve taught, trained teachers, convened a standards generating body for Art, Craft and design; and written qualifications and countless analytical reports. I’ve designed and implemented learnerships, built a game-theory styled quality management system and loved it all!


Leonie’s turnaround time is off the charts and she’s committed to going beyond expectations.

+300 Projects Completed

No project is too big or too small.

Johannesburg Based

Regulatory bodies and key decision-makers are within easy reach.

Latest News

Education and Training in South Africa.

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FOR SALE! QMS Policies and Procedures

QMS Policies and Procedures for Sale. Learner management, assessment and RPL (recognition of prior learning) are just some of the policy areas education and training providers require.
youth neet markets

Tap Into The Youth Market: NEETs

The youth market, NEETs and Development. Education and training can address youth market employment and align with government policy to improve competitiveness.
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Trends in Youth Unemployment Interventions

Let's look at Youth Unemployment Interventions. I joined a group at a Consciousness Cafe discussion. Youth shared that their greatest challenges related to self-esteem.
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Inequality and HR: The Labour Market Failure

Inequality and HR: The Labour Market Failure in South Africa. Are South African Human Resource Management trends contributing to equality or inequality? Avoid falling into the same leadership failure trap.
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How Much Stipend for Unemployed Learners?

How much Stipend for Unemployed Learners? By compensating learners adequately, you signal commitment to ethical practices and holistic workforce development.
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The Anatomy of Quality

The Anatomy of Quality. From the structure of your QMS to providing evidence for SETA, CHE or QCTO accreditation, let us support and prepare you.

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