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REPORT firms asking for payslips during recruitment

The public is encouraged to report companies who demand payslips, or request other information pertaining to a rival firm's pay, during recruitment.  Firms who undermine a fair competition for talent in South Africa must be reported to the Competition Commission using the CC1-Complaint form available here. Protecting Fair Competition for Talent Remuneration and benefits information…
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What can I do if my pay is unfairly low?

Youth don't respect the outdated standard of keeping your salary top secret when secrets protect inequality.  Unions fail to ensure recruitment processes are fair for job applicants, particularly youth,  thereby allowing them to be manipulated into accepting low wages. What can you do when you realised you accepted an unfair offer? Reflect. What did I…
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“What are your pay expectations?” Interview Advice

Negotiating pay is all about preparation. Applicants who accept an offer and then decline after deciding it's too low, damage their future chances with the recruiting company. Recruiter: What are your pay expectations? Applicant: I'm looking for an opportunity at R10k. Recruiter: That's a bit high! Applicant: Based on my research, I saw that 10k …
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Negotiating A Salary? #TalkPay

Are you nervous about negotiating your pay? Taking a look at salary trends is a great way to prepare for this discussion. Here's what pay looked like in South Africa during 2017. Knowledge is muscle. Going to an interview without knowing the salary range on offer or current pay trends for the position you're applying…
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Pay Slip Requests Negatively Impact Vulnerable Applicants

Ordinary South Africans have inadequate labour protections and enjoy fewer economic rights than those with financial privilege. Anti poor recruitment behaviors include the omission of pay information in job adverts and the popular payslip requests from recruiters.  Prejudiced recruitment practices strip job seekers of their right to fair treatment and create a culture of sustained…
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