Learner Complaints

Those on learnerships, apprenticeships and internships often feel as if they have no where to report their experiences to. If you're a learner or intern experiencing problems with your employer or training provider, send us your story. Many youth complain about bad contracts and unfair payments, share your issues here. Report Skills Development Problems [contact-form-7…
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Finding Work Experience or Internships

Do you need to secure work experience to qualify? Occupational qualifications include practical work placement components but many learners struggle to secure these opportunities without the help of their colleges. Unfortunately, most colleges have been inadequate in this regard. How To Find Work Experience Opportunities Contact companies you may want to work for and let…
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How much Internships Pay

Regulations for Interns are going to be tightened in order to reduce increasing youth exploitation. Many firms advertise internships in order to recruit talent cheaply.  Internship Stipends Interns must be wary of employers who advertise internship opportunities and don't declare what the payment is prior to an interview.  Withholding pay information is a common industry…
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