How to Find and Prepare for a Learnership

Many pursue learnerships to gain access to training and employment opportunities.  Learners are paid low stipends in exchange for their commitment and willingness to work while contracted to study. Sometimes it's fair, often it isn't. Looking for a Learnership? Excellent! It means you want to work as hard as hell and that you're willing to…
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Tips on Finding a Learnership or Apprenticeship

Advice for youth searching for opportunities. Want to find a Learnership or Apprenticeship? Both are occupational training programmes supported by the Department of Higher Education and Training. If you want to be on a programme at a particular company, try the following: (click links for other options) Contact the HR department at a company you…
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Applying for Learnerships

How to Apply for Learnerships When you respond to a recruitment advert make sure you have checked the closing date or you're wasting your time. Most recruiters receiving your applications are the uptight boring types who won't even open your email / read your fax etc. If it's past the due date. If you see that…
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SETA Learnership Contacts (funded job training)

Never had a chance to study? Learnerships are for unemployed and employed candidates. SETAs Are Responsible for Learnerships If you are unemployed, capable of learning and hungry for job experience, find and apply for Learnerships. The unemployed receive free training that results in an industry recognized qualification and a stipend. While you are on the…
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Find a Learnership in 4 Steps

What is a Learnership, how do you find and apply for them? What is a Learnership? A learnership is a vocational training program, they are similar to apprenticeships in that they prepare you for specific job functions. Learnerships can be funded by a SETA (Sectoral Education and Training Authority) or business. Only accredited training providers registered with a SETA may…
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