Graduates for learnerships

'Explaining why you want to be on this learnership in 50 words' has become a popular question for applicants. If you're a university or college graduate, try the following suggestions when applying. Why do you want this Learnership? While you may be qualified, you're probably lacking experience. When you apply, refer to the qualification and work…
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Study at a TVET in 2018 DO THIS!

I extract the most meaningful advice from government websites so you don't have to spend time looking. Here are phone numbers and specific instructions to youth searching for a chance. Free Career Counselling - DO IT The Department of Higher Education and Training assists learners to make informed career and study choices. Their Khetha platform…
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Looking for Learnerships? Use this!

Do you know not all learnership adverts are legal or real? Do you know applicants have the right to take legal action against unfair or prejudicial treatment during recruitment? 'LEARNERSHIP YOUTH'  is like a book on one page. LEARNERSHIP YOUTH There are 50 links to important information covering these key areas: Who's in charge of learnerships…
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Is the ‘S’ for slavery PSG Wealth?

PSG claims they'll sue me. Here are extracts from PSG Wealth documents showing they trap youth in an indentured labour model.  PSG Wealth made an unlawful financial claim on a learnership candidate. Learnerships were designed to improve pro-poor occupational interventions and market led skills development (scarce skills). PSG Learnership Interpretation The victim was billed for…
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Learnership Recruitment Standards Exposed – FREE e-book

Companies apply exploitative recruitment strategies, particularly in skills development. This e-book demonstrates how SAQA, BANKSETA, WRSETA and various firms flout acceptable standards and allow industry to take advantage of the public. The Department of Higher Education and Training Must Act! Let's hear it from you! Send your stories and let's expose bad practices so it's…
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Eastern Cape TVET Colleges Funding Contacts

TVET Colleges offer bursaries and Learnerships. Use these contacts to inquire about opportunities. Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges The Department of Higher Education and Training (abbreviated DHET) administers Post-School Education and Training. Post-School Education and Training includes Universities and Private Higher Education Institutions, TVET Colleges and Private Colleges, newly established Community Education and Training…
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