Truworths Market Related Salary Comedy

I've criticised the Truworths recruitment strategy targeting vulnerable youth, withholding information and tricking applicants to discriminatory interviews. Truworths doesn't disclose salary ranges in adverts claiming it's 'market related' offers would be misunderstood and that applicants have fair opportunity to negotiate at an interview.  Truworths Fashions Truths That Trap Truworths is a Cape Town-based, South African clothing retailer,…
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Are Truworths Job Ads Legal?

When asked about unfair practice, Truworths argues if others do it they can do it too. Many of their recruitment adverts target unemployed youth and new market entrants (first-time job seekers) using unfair recruitment strategies. Adverts are not upfront about pay, preventing these vulnerable applicants from making informed decisions regarding which opportunities they can afford…
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No Salary Advertised? That’s unfair labour practice.

When unemployment is high, employers and recruiters daringly wield unlimited power during the recruitment process. By omitting pay information they place applicants at a disadvantage during the wage negotiation. Sins of the Secret Salary There are many job adverts specifically targeting inexperienced youth and other vulnerable job seekers.  Sadly, these applicants don't realise the real…
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80 Interview Questions

Some interview questions help evaluate your skill and depth of knowledge, many questions uncover your personal approach to life, pressure, problems, work and the ability to fit in. Questions interviewers use to explore what kind of person you are. All About You Answer Tips When you prepare answers, don't assume you can use the same…
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Answers to Tricky Job Interview Questions

From brainteaser to boring, there are plenty answers you can prepare in order to crack job interviews.  Avoid interview traps by understanding traditional and modern interview approaches. Here's a list of frequently asked interview questions and instructions on how to answer them. Nail it! From Traditional to Tricky An old fashioned interviewer, the traditionalist,may stick…
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