The Job Hunt Plan with Fire Power. No need to wait till you spot your favourite company advertising somewhere! Approach them and let them know they need you. Fire Power Job Hunt Plan Apply for a job that hasn't been advertised! This improves your chances of getting it. If a job hasn't been advertised, fewer people…
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Hottest Tip for Job Seekers

I found a great platform for finding work! Career decision-making is tricky for most people, so too is searching for opportunities. Check out Adzuna.co.za  Adzuna is a search engine for job ads that aims to list every job, everywhere. They search thousands of websites so you don't have to, bringing together millions of ads in one…
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Qualified? Job Hunt Jungle Survival Tips

Qualified but unemployed? Think you've tried everything already? Finding Employment There are more job hunting tricks available to you now than what there ever were. That should make you feel good - knowing that you haven't tried everything and that there's still hope! :) Only thing is, don't expect it to happen without making an…
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Asking For a Job via Social Media

Social media has become a popular tool for finding jobs and potential candidates. Recruiters and job seekers are becoming more active and engaged online. Don't be desperate "I'm desperate for a job. Can you help?" "I'm looking for a job,  do you have one?" "Please help me find a job." P.S. This blog is not…
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