Cover Letter & CV Key Words for Retail Applications

When you are applying for jobs, it's important to include the correct keywords in your application to highlight why your skills and attributes are relevant to a specific job or industry. Effective use of these words will make your cover letters and job applications more meaningful to prospective employers. Two sets of words are listed: General Keywords…
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Write Cover letters for Learnerships

How to structure a killer cover letter Finding Opportunities is Hard. Applying for them is Often Harder! Wouldn't it be easy if all you needed to say was, "Hey look it's me, I'm interested, CHOOSE ME!" And boom! you landed the opportunity? Wouldn't that be the greatest? Pity it's not the reality. Instead, we have…
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Power Words for Your Cover Letter, CV and Professional Profile

Here are lists of key words you can use to describe your professional skills, talent and interests. Use these specialist terms in your job applications and online profiles. Lists of keywords for specific industries I found this on the New York State Department of Labour website as I couldn't find useful lists specifically for South Africans. When you…
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Applying for Learnerships

How to Apply for Learnerships When you respond to a recruitment advert make sure you have checked the closing date or you're wasting your time. Most recruiters receiving your applications are the uptight boring types who won't even open your email / read your fax etc. If it's past the due date. If you see that…
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Cover Letter Template for Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships

Visit our updated post on our new Keep Climbing site! :) Internships, Learnerships and Apprenticeships are occupationally directed training programs. For each programme, work experience (on-the-job) is an essential feature of the training and overall experience.   Write Powerful Cover Letters for Job Related Training Occupational Qualifications When you write a cover letter to apply for an…
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