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Know your rights! SA Constitution, S23.1 says we're all entitled to FAIR labour practice.

Does income inequality exist because job applicants trust recruiters? #HRMustFall

In South Africa, unfair wages are a part of life. Carrie Gracie, the former BBC journalist ...
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What is unfair recruitment?

This infographic describes the unfair advantages employers and recruiters use when trying to find and secure ...
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The Wage Negotiation Mindset

Kill it. An opportunity to negotiate your pay must excite, not stress you.  Poor preparation for ...
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Job Applicants can Sue Recruiters – Infographic

Under South African law, it is illegal to price-fix wages.  Requests for payslips are illegal. The ...
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How #Recruitment Punishes Job Seekers

Do unregulated recruitment practices result in discrimination?  Here's an infograph explaining how recruitment practices in South ...
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Find Jobs in Trending Industries

Understand trends so you know how to exert power during recruitment negotiations. In sectors of high ...
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No Salary Advertised? That’s unfair labour practice.

When unemployment is high, employers and recruiters daringly wield unlimited power during the recruitment process. By ...
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What Are Soft and Hard Skills? What Skills do Employers Look For?

It's important to know the skills that are most important for companies that are hiring. This information will ...
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Link Your Studies to Job Opportunities : Scarce Skills

You know the South African unemployment rate is high. Most of us know more than one unemployed ...
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The Job Application Process is a Competition

Applying for a job is a highly competitive process. If you're doing it often, ensure you ...
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Power Words for Your Cover Letter, CV and Professional Profile

Here are lists of key words you can use to describe your professional skills, talent and ...
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Attitude beats Experience in Interviews

Your choices, your life, be positive! Youth talk about a lack of confidence limiting their opportunities, ...
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