Explain why You’re Applying in 50 words

Companies want to identify those with the most potential, quickly.  An ability to stand out from the crowd is essential.  Here are ideas to get you started! Nail it in 50 words A great cover letter that's meaningful and relevant to the opportunity you're applying for will help you make a good impression. You don't have…
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Graduates for learnerships

'Explaining why you want to be on this learnership in 50 words' has become a popular question for applicants. If you're a university or college graduate, try the following suggestions when applying. Why do you want this Learnership? While you may be qualified, you're probably lacking experience. When you apply, refer to the qualification and work…
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10 Challenges for recruiters demanding #payslips

Firms demanding pay slips make themselves subject to scrutiny as this practice contravenes S23.1 of the Constitution, 'everybody entitled to fair practice' and the Competition Act. Fair means Equal Sure, we all understand why recruiters want to know your asking price,  this question gives them the upper hand during wage negotiations. While many recruiters argue applicants…
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REPORT firms asking for payslips during recruitment

The public is encouraged to report companies who demand payslips, or request other information pertaining to a rival firm's pay, during recruitment.  Firms who undermine a fair competition for talent in South Africa must be reported to the Competition Commission using the CC1-Complaint form available here. Protecting Fair Competition for Talent Remuneration and benefits information…
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Competition Commission SA Hurts Competition for Talent – infographic #CompComSA

CompComSA is not transparent about pay in job adverts subverting applicant right to fair recruitment process and wage negotiation. The unconditional demand for rival firm pay information allows them to unfairly compete for talent and price-fix wages. This places them firmly on the wrong side of the Competition Act and the Constitution. Competition Commission South…
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