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Learner Complaints

Those on learnerships, apprenticeships and internships often feel as if they have no where to report their experiences to. If you’re a learner or intern experiencing problems with your employer or training provider, send us your story. Many youth complain about bad contracts and unfair payments, share your issues here.

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Comments (13)

  1. My concern is the same as that of Tshepo,we are renting yes we should have got our stipends of the 24th, imagine who can stand for more than 10days without us being tenants not paying I was sent packing around July with the same they always says water and sanitation didn’t pay for our stipends to be processed to our accounts

  2. Kholofelo

    I am doing a learnership with Mathew Goniwe school of learnership and governance. My problem is that me and all of 400 interns we don’t have : payslip, persal No and training provider. We really need help

    1. Kholofelo

      Our matters are still not resolved and the officials are still mum about our situation . Our qualification is ICT INTERN TECHNICIAN . The exploitation is very because we are accused of sending sensitive information when we report to get help.

    2. Kholofelo

      The matters are not resolved we still under the same condition. Our qualification ( ICT Technician Internship). Our officials accused us to sent sensitive information when we report these matters for help.
      Thank you

  3. Makadiseng Tsiame

    Please help us we doing in service training at Kokstad Kzn Department of Education but we don’t get stipends.Since January we are not getting anything.

    Thank you.

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