List of SA Unions Websites

Unions offer great support and networking opportunities for young labour market entrants. Shop stewards can alert you to potential job opportunities at the companies they work at.

Registered learners, apprentices and interns should join unions in order to ensure adequate support during their contracts.  Unions have a responsibility towards you that they have long neglected.

Approach a union and request a student membership.

You shouldn’t only meet a union when you have a problem,  participate in sector employment issues the same as other workers so that a fair economic environment can be created for everyone.

If the union you wish to join doesn’t have a fee to accommodate you – give them a reason to get one started! It is only through collective bargaining and action that all employees can ensure that ALL rights are defended. The more people they have in their ranks – the better for everyone.

In addition, unions are a great opportunity for young labour market entrants to connect with mentors who can alert them to potential job opportunities at companies represented within the union. They will also warn you against businesses that are a problem.


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