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List of all SETA Websites

What do SETAs do?

Sector Education and Training Authorities

SETAs design, develop and implement sector skills plans, promote learnerships and distribute funds in their sectors.

Here’s a list of all SETA websites, I hope you find the information you’re searching for! Also remember to check the DHET website for information.

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Click for a complete list of SETA contact information including emails and physical addresses.

List of qualifications that different SETAs quality control.

Here’s how to use qualifications and SETAs to find learnerships.


Does Wholesale and Retail SETA Violate Legislation and Fail to Protect the Public?

Kelly Kills Unfair BANKSETA Learnership Ad

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Comments (14)

  1. I want learn but I don’t have money for go to school I failed grade 12

    1. Go back to school Zimasa! You’ll appreciate having the guts to do it again when you’re older and have your own kids.
      You’re young, a year invested in your future is a small price to pay. Your other option is to apply for supplementary exams. This means you have an opportunity to learn harder and get your marks up.
      If you don’t have money for school fees that’s not your problem, you’re a kid! Go to school anyway, join a class and refuse to leave. Don’t get aggressive or rude, calmly say you are there to learn, it’s your right. Ask friends to record incidents on their phones and post them. If they kick you out go to your nearest court and tell them you want to lodge a complaint for the Constitution Court as you are being denied your right to education.
      Let me know!

  2. My daughter are under a program
    For hair ext. She’s unemployed but are told that she must get her own clients ,clients must pay for products used ,if they dont pay monies will be deducted from learners stipend ,she live out of town take bus and taxi to college it amounts to R60 a day ,yet stipend are not yet paid to learners ,is this procedure correct from the said if the owner who facilitate this program

  3. Hi I’m currently looking for in service training under human resource management.I have N4 N5 and N6

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