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Quality Management Facilitates Growth

Quality Management and Monitoring & Evaluation Systems create a Quality Circle stimulating Growth and Innovation

Quality management fosters credibility, profitability and competitive actions.

SETAs and quality councils require that a quality management system framework and a detailed review mechanism be submitted for accreditation purposes.


Your QMS is a visionary document consistently nurturing and expanding upon quality measures

A Quality Management System ensures that these important requirements are met:

  1. It provides detailed business systems
  • Internal and external operational requirements are stipulated
  • Includes relevant policies, procedures and strategies
  • Ensures the efficient utilisation of human, physical, technological and information resources.

2. It provides training systems that include

  • development
  • delivery
  • evaluation of learning
  • Directs a focus on learners’ needs and requirements (the ability to consistently deliver and assess the desired training outcomes).
  • Includes relevant policies, procedures and strategies

Planning – Quality Actions – Monitoring & Reporting – Evaluation

Organizations delivering training must clearly define the objectives they intend achieving and the quality indicators to be used to measure the extent to which objectives are achieved.  These quality indicators will measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the training and assessments that are provided.

Learners in a system want to know that their efforts are worth it.

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