3 Difficult Training Deals and Best Solutions

Expert Solutions for Your Toughest Training Deals: Transform Challenges into Training Triumphs! Weekly chats, tailored strategies, and expert solutions.

Potentially Sour training Deals. No one likes to lose a deal, but turning them away because you’re uncertain if you can honour client expectations and maintain product integrity is pure pain.

Transform Training Deal Challenges into Triumphs:

Unleash training success! Weekly chats, tailored strategies, and expert solutions. Elevate your education business with our support.

Expert Solutions for Your Toughest Training Deals

Selling training deals involves understanding the unique needs and challenges of organizations seeking to enhance their workforce skills and capabilities.

The process typically begins with prospecting and lead generation to identify potential clients interested in investing in training and development programs.

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Navigating Uncertainties: Expert Support for Seamless Business Integration

Are you facing the dilemma of meeting client expectations without compromising your business integrity?

Then it’s time to seek expert support that offers structured technical instruction and policy advice.

“Can I give Clients what they want without compromising my business and product integrity?”

If you’re in this position, it’s time to access expert support that includes structured technical instruction and policy advice.

Most CEOs and industry specialists want someone they can trust to fearlessly advise them on how to avoid negative business consequences.

Tailoring Your Training Deals

We help you tailor training proposals to align with the organization’s industry, size, culture, and budgetary constraints enhances the likelihood of securing the deal.

Your Weekly Dose of Problem-Solving and Strategy for Training Deals

Join me, Leonie, every Wednesday for 25-minute snap chats at just R300. Let’s tackle your specific problems or dive into discussions on policy, development strategy, 18.2 learner management, or new sales angles.

Here’s How We Turned Lemons into Lemonade: The Art of Training Deals

Our three examples of solutions listed below, encapsulate the essence of what we offer:

  • a revolutionary approach to training that includes tailored strategies, expert guidance, and weekly chats.
  • From navigating uncertainties to turning challenges into victories, we’re here to elevate your education business to new heights.

Explore the possibilities and unlock the potential for unparalleled success with our support.

1. Tailoring Generic Management NQFL5 for Unemployed Candidates

Wondering if a Generic Management qualification suits unemployed candidates? Let’s shift their rationale or propose a more relevant solution. Aligning qualifications with employer needs signals a positive message worth millions.

2. Accelerated Training Dilemma: Turning 15 Days into 1 Day Per Month

Need to adapt your accredited delivery model? Unpack target groups, adjust your QMS, and develop pre-assessment tools. Accelerated models suit specific learners, and we’ll ensure system integrity.

3. Rescuing a Messy Learnership Transition

Taking over from a fired provider? Start by gaining learner buy-in. Make them recognize the value of the qualification and their role in its success. Address their concerns about the qualifications and job future simultaneously.

recruit unemployed youth consultation


I combine education and economics knowledge and experience to identify viable solutions. Boost your training game! Expert advice, strategic solutions, and tailored support for education business owners. Turn challenges into victories now!

Strategic Steps to Navigate Transition Successfully:

  1. Get Learner Buy-In:
    • Ask learners, “Who pays for this training?” Make them say the name, whether it’s the government or employer.
    • Then ask, “Who owns the qualification? Who gets the certificate?” Emphasize the value of a qualification in advancing their career.
  2. Evidence Collection Strategy Shortcut:
    • List a range of evidence for demonstrating competency in qualification exit level criteria.
    • Conduct a gap analysis and deliver integrated formats to avoid frustration.
    • Use RPL strategies where possible.

Let’s Make the Most of Your Training Deals

Don’t let challenges sour your deals; turn them into opportunities for success with our expert guidance!

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