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Equality and HR’s Market Failure in South Africa

Are South African Human Resource Management trends contributing to equality or inequality? Income inequality trends point to the latter. Is your organisation falling into the same leadership failure trap?

Planning Workforce Job Transitions: 4 Job Similarity Examples

HR practitioners and unions must address labour skillset issues and plan transition paths for careers disrupted by technology. Viable job transitions can be identified once a declining job or field is matched to an in-demand group of jobs requiring similar skill-sets and knowledge.

How Much Stipend Should We Pay Unemployed Learnership Candidates?

Organisations have raised interesting questions regarding how to structure financial benefits for unemployed youth on learnerships. Companies who absorb unemployed youth are awarded BEE points, rebates and can be refunded all stipends paid to learnership candidates. The benefits exist in order to persuade companies to create opportunity for the unemployed.


No one likes to lose a deal, but turning them away because you’re uncertain if you can honour client expectations and maintain product integrity is pure pain. If you’re in this position, it’s time to access expert support that includes structured technical instruction and policy advice.

Why the Workforce Finds some Job Transitions Undesirable

Job transition strategies are key to reducing retrenchment and unemployment. Savvy HR practitioners will need to identify which positions are most threatened and how these workers can be productive elsewhere in the organisation. However not all opportunities are appealing to the workforce.

Job Transition Methodology for Concerned People Development Practitioners

This post introduces an approach to planning for viable and desirable job transitions for careers disrupted by technology. South African education, training and development organisations wanting to expand into reskilling will need to find ways to identify declining and growing job markets. What makes a viable and desirable job transition?

Business People Think in the Future: Reskilling and Upskilling Workers

Education, training and development organisations navigate paths across new terrain and lead markets into the future. This future changes at different speeds, with technology changing behavior and jobs.  As skills, jobs and qualifications become redundant, how we shape access to resources and nurture lifelong learning for the workforce becomes more complex and critical.

FAQ: SETA Accreditation Process Flow

How does the SETA accreditation process work? Which SETA is the easiest one to be accredited by? As a strategist in education and training I’m often approached by newbies and experts who ask these questions. One receives a serious response, the other a warning of retribution! Here’s the simple version of the SETA accreditation process, extracted […]

Business and Poverty. Opportunity for you?

Education and training organisations are uniquely placed to address market shifts, opportunities and align with government policy to try alleviate poverty conditions. When doing this, many interventions can be funded by government or business.

Leonie is a development economist, social activist and seasoned leader with 25 years operation and project management experience in education, social change and youth development sectors.
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Ernest Hlogwane

Thanks Leonie Hall for the wonderful workshop that really assisted me with all the basics of accreditation with SETAs as service provider, Assessor, Facilitator and/or Moderator. I have acquired much information that gave me so many resources needed in the skills training and development industry.

-Ernest Hlogwane

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