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Strategic Accreditation, Market Awareness and Business Growth

Education and training accreditation is much more than a compilation of documents satisfying regulatory procedures. Appointing a consultant to 'get you accredited' can have dire consequences for your business.  If you don't understand how to set up the documentation for successful accreditation, how will you meet required standards (embedded in the documentation) once operational? Consider…
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SETA and QCTO Accreditation, Systems and Markets

Connecting a qualification selection to specific, reachable markets is essential for a new organisation. Organisations already accredited may be concerned if accreditation isn't showing them a return on investment. Is Accreditation Worth It? A qualification connects to a market. Are you experiencing a slump, you're not growing or have never been able to achieve market…
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Promoting Accredited Training

Internet ranking and low cost competitive strategies has become big business. With over 15 million social media users in South Africa, how can education, training and development organisations compete and curate content to channel them? Attracting or Boring Markets? Since starting a blog about education, training and economic development issues in 2010, I've learnt extensively…
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How to Recruit Unemployed Candidates for #Learnerships

A recruitment strategy targeting unemployed youth can include  Department of Labour assistance. Employers, training providers or SETAs can ask the Department of Labor to help them find unemployed learners. The Department will search their database, hold interviews and make a list of the most suitable unemployed people for the learnership. Note: If you are a potential…
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Trends in Youth Unemployment Interventions

On Workers' Day in 2018, I joined a group in a Consciousness Cafe discussion shaped by youth who believed their greatest challenges related to self-esteem. Current Youth Development Features I decided to see if youth interventions address the issue of self esteem. Civil society, the private sector and government typically shape the nature of interventions…
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FAQ How to be market competitive if we’re only accredited for one qualification?

Accredited training organisations are increasingly facing new competitors who challenge their market dominance. Most clients are ones with long histories and successful trajectories that suddenly stopped paying off. Rethinking Qualification Accreditation Okay, to be honest, one qualification is not smart if you've been around for a bit. However, even if you are only accredited for…
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No one likes to lose a deal, but turning them away because you're uncertain if you can honour client expectations and maintain product integrity is pure pain. If you're in this position, it's time to access expert support that includes structured technical instruction and policy advice. "Can I give Clients what they want without compromising…
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Managing Funded Learnerships from different SETAs

Conflict among learners can emerge at organisations who run different SETA interventions. Here's some advice on how to practice damage control. Different Funding can mean Different Stipends Two SETAs can fund the same qualification. This means one provider can roll out a qualification based on different funding obligations for the same intervention. When group A…
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Managing 18.2 Learnerships and Apprenticeships

Learnerships and apprenticeships have two primary target groups, the employed (18.1) and the unemployed (18.2). It's important to manage expectations in a way that ensures learners take ownership of their development. Most employers can't offer long term opportunity. What can you do for participants you can't employ? "Manage your future" Bootcamp Leonie assists employers and…
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Moderating, Customising and Branding Accredited Training Content

Training material is your love-hate communication to participants and the professional training team using the content. If material doesn't carry your brand and the content fails to inspire, you have a problem!  TRAINING CONTENT AND MARKET MESSAGING Your content must reflect target market needs. Example: If NQF Level 3 content is purchased but the language…
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Every Wednesday! 20 Minutes with your worst questions

What does accreditation even mean?! What is required and why? Bring your questions and market bugs! Education and Training is a dynamic sector inspiring endless innovation and competition opportunities.  Chat to someone who has worked in education and economic development for two decades. From policy to praxis, let Leonie assist you. KEEPING UP?  Take a…
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Establishing Profitable Education and Training Accredited Businesses

Attend seminars about encapsulating quality and profit in an effective education and training business system. Seminar One Seamless Quality Management Duration: 3 hours Time: 10 am - 1 pm This session covers all quality management system requirements for accreditation.  Learn: How to get started: Making the right decisions Develop the QMS yourself? Purchase and customise?…
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Positioning yourself in Education and Training?

Freelance facilitators and independent  experts in education and training often ask how they can secure more work. Many skilled professionals only find inconsistent contractual work and often drop their rates in order to secure opportunity. Don't know where to get started? Sound like you? Join me, Leonie Hall , for a 90 minute career coaching…
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Action Time for Training Videos

Promote your Training Brand Feature Learning Content More organisations are embracing video technology as a compelling teaching medium. Make videos available to facilitators, trainers and teachers to position your organisation as a leader in the field. Time to create your own contextualised content for  competitive positioning? From producing one polished video or a series of…
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Make Training Videos for NQF Qualifications

FREE video concept for an NQFL4 Qualification Topics listed below are used in typical learner induction programmes. These videos can be used to inform learners, training stakeholders and clients. Video One Purpose of the qualification Career paths for graduates Qualification structure: Fundamental component Core Specialisation (electives) Pose a provocative question Video Two Introduce outcomes based…
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Free Alignment Matrix and SETA programme evaluation reports

Two examples of SETA feedback reports addressing learning programme approval and a free alignment matrix tool. Skills providers can avoid common errors by referring to precedents and ensuring they are correctly prepared. In South Africa, we train to increase employability, career progression, economic development and to foster a more inclusive society. The incentivised nature of…
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Quality Management Facilitates Growth

Quality Management and Monitoring & Evaluation Systems create a Quality Circle stimulating Growth and Innovation Quality management fosters credibility, profitability and competitive actions. SETAs and quality councils require that a quality management system framework and a detailed review mechanism be submitted for accreditation purposes. QUALITY DIMENSION Your QMS is a visionary document consistently nurturing and expanding upon…
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Dynamic Accreditation and Strategy Solutions

Bespoke solutions are available for Education and Training organisations who are accredited but dissatisfied with business growth and emerging providers wishing to embark on a planned, strategic accreditation path. Accreditation Means Market Growth, or Something's Wrong Delivering in the occupational training space means you must satisfy accreditation criteria prescribed by legislation. This implies market related…
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