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7S synergy

Social change and economic innovation by expanding learning communities in the post-school education and training network

Need a Career Consultation about Positioning yourself in Education and Training?

Freelance facilitators and independent  experts in education and training often ask how they can secure more work. Many skilled professionals only find inconsistent contractual work and often drop their rates in order to secure opportunity.

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Free Alignment Matrix for programme approval and why SETAs reject content

This post includes two examples of SETA feedback reports addressing learning programme approval and a free alignment matrix tool. Skills providers can avoid common errors by referring to precedents and ensuring they are correctly prepared.

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Marketing and Selling Yourself as a Trainer

 Trainers are often freelancers who rarely have opportunities to collect with other like-minded professionals to unpack industry challenges and opportunities. Join a team and build industry muscle. Drop in on SAPTA’s event this Saturday.

I like SAPTA, so here’s their info!

SAPTA Gauteng Chapter
Networking and Development Event
Saturday 11 February 2017

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Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator Training

The question about the credentials required to offer accredited facilitator, assessor and moderator services can also apply to managing NQF based interventions. The same training can be recommended to entrepreneurs or managers responsible for compliance.

What to Study for ETD Certification

These are three standard unit standards you can be assessed against in order to receive an ETDP verifiable certificate.

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The RPL Assessors Role

Assessment is ideally a lateral, not a rigid process, yet Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) isn’t a radical shift to liberal, unqualified findings.

RPL assessors should be sensitive to the range and variety of evidence that candidates can use and generate to prove skills and knowledge.

How to Audit Knowledge, Skills and Competence for Recognition of Prior Learning

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