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Accreditation Coaching

Leonie shows you how to pack a punch

Accreditation like a Heavy Weight

6 Coaching Sessions on Accreditation and Market Stimulation

Get online, grab a coffee and you’re ready to start smacking accreditation in place.

Accreditation Means Market Growth or You’re Doing it Wrong

The accreditation coaching programme with Leonie Hall  is a cost effective way of addressing your unique problems while avoiding expensive consulting fees.  Let’s address your pain points associated with SETA, CHE or the QCTO.

Pain points cover  issues such as
selecting a quality council

developing compliant content and

quality management systems design and policies.

Lets work with what you have, don’t have and take you through closing the gaps.

Who’s invited

The intensity of the sessions is most meaningful to business leaders and department heads who want to brainstorm strategic and competitive challenges. The programme is adjusted for individual advantage so you can reach peak performance without too much sweat.

Leonie also has an interest in supporting consultants often faced by nefarious clients and hindered by shallow entrepreneurial prospectors. Scamsters in education and training have enablers – let’s stop the rot and learn how to stand your ground.

Passionate about education and training business?

Leonie’s followed by more than 20 000 on LinkedIn and has established a reputation for being insightful, innovative and disruptive. She believes that a more robust network of education and training organisations will liberate the learning potential of all South Africans and wants to help you expand your market.

Do you want Quality Management and Business Growth?

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