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Accreditation Coaching


Accreditation like a Heavy Weight

She is a high-caliber strategist with excellent project management skills and a fantastic ability to 'turn any lemon into a delicious lemonade'. She has a great talent in managing economic development initiatives and I find her conduct and performance to be of the highest quality.

Shelly Korn, Director, Staffwise

Leonie is a dedicated and extremely passionate person, able to strategize and present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She successfully developed a division of Learning for our company resulting in increased revenue. During her tenure, we saw an increase in profits.

Moira Smith, Business Development Manager

New Coaching Programme for SETA, CHE or QCTO Accreditation and Business Development

Go online, grab a coffee and you’re ready to put Education and Training accreditation in it’s place.

Preparing for Accreditation is Dynamic Strategy in Action

The accreditation coaching programme with Leonie Hall  is a cost effective way of addressing your unique problems while avoiding expensive consulting fees.  Let’s address common pain points associated with SETA, CHE or the QCTO, such as:

Tackle issues together

The coaching sessions are meaningful to business leaders and department heads who need to brainstorm strategic and competitive challenges with someone who understands the ultimate objectives. The programme is adjusted for individual advantage so you can reach peak performance fast.

We adapt the focus to facilitate particular areas and can structure the programme according to your needs. 

⚡🔥💥The coaching programme is not a series of lectures!

It’s best when participants are busy compiling the accreditation application documents required.  Coaching sessions can be spread out over 12 weeks in order to provide sufficient time to compile and develop evidence.

Career Coaching for ETD Practitioners

Planning a career shift or simply not happy with where you’re at?

Book a one-off career consultation with Leonie.

R4 500


Step by step guidance building your Accreditation portfolio

Leonie’s followed by more than 20 000 on LinkedIn and has established a reputation for being insightful, innovative and disruptive. She believes that a more robust network of education and training organisations will liberate the learning potential of all South Africans and wants to help you expand your market.


Although sessions can be tailored to facilitate your needs, for new emerging organisations, I recommend following the organised programme:

  1. Selecting qualifications, matching quality councils and meeting legislated accreditation core criteria
  2. Learning programme management, learning material procurement, content development
  3. Policy framework and QMS
  4. Learner and assessment management
  5. HR, staffing and business modelling
  6. Review of Accreditation POE

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Ernest Hlogwane

Thanks Leonie Hall for the wonderful workshop that really assisted me with all the basics of accreditation with SETAs as service provider, Assessor, Facilitator and/or Moderator. I have acquired much information that gave me so many resources needed in the skills training and development industry.

-Ernest Hlogwane
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