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Nuke Education and Training Accreditation Pain Points Now

Competitive organisations offer more value to their markets once accredited.


SETA QCTO or CHE Accreditation

2-hour pain point seminars identify specific accreditation evidence requirements for:

Programme Delivery & Market Expectations

Designing, delivering and evaluating learning programmes for specific markets

HR Policies

How to present staff selection, appraisal and development

Learner Policies 

Setting up learner selection, support and development systems for quality assurance

Business Strategy, Policy Statement & Quality Council nuances

Structuring evidence for organisation’s aims, objectives and purposes

Review Mechanisms

Evidence required for monitoring and evaluation  systems

Assessment & RPL Policies

Constructing assessment management, methodology and policy

Management System, Policies and Biz development

Presenting financial, administrative, physical structures and resources of the organisation, and procedures of accountability

Public Seminars in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town.


Book a consultation based upon specific accreditation issues or invite Leonie to present topics with your team.

Bespoke seminars tailored to your requirements.

CONSULT? Tell me what you need!

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Understanding economic issues and specific business contexts allows us to identify viable and aggressive growth paths.
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