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QMS & Review Mechanism


Best three hours of my life, this workshop will help my organisation reach the top (markets) and increase the quality of services because every single individual will understand their role through the QMS.

Alarmed by Accreditation?
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Social change and economic innovation through expanding education and training networks


The Anatomy of Quality for SETA, CHE or QCTO accreditation

From the structure of your QMS and Review Mechanism to learning exactly how to provide evidence for accreditation.

The Anatomy of Quality

Organisations applying for accreditation must show evidence of quality management for their business, HR and training systems.

The QMS seminar unpacks how to structure evidence to meet accreditation criteria and establish a sustainable business.

Quality Management seminars cover each component of Education and Training quality management and accreditation criteria.

Take a market-led approach to accreditation and the process of structuring a Quality Management System for business sustainability.

Develop business strategies that are aggressively competitive from the get-go.

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Whether you’re a new provider or one with existing market presence, use the accreditation process as an opportunity to shape a disruptive market strategy.

The legislation requires that you are able to show evidence of the following:

Quality management is rooted from your organisation’s vision and mission, reinforcing how your business can thrive once accredited.

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Quality Management and Review Mechanisms

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