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Best three hours of my life, this workshop will help my organisation reach the top (markets) and increase the quality of services because every single individual will understand their role through the QMS.

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2020 Vision for SETAs but what improves?

It was clear that a seamless transition from SETA to QCTO would be miraculous. Hopefully, the SETAs and the QCTO will use the time to improve their policies around stakeholder engagement so that target markets can indeed become beneficiaries.

Business, NGOs, Unions and SMMEs need to step up and participate in addressing how to improve and redesign the ETD landscape. Gatekeepers and inadequate policy structures will become the norm if they don’t.

It’s time for the broader market to exert pressure on the SETAs and the QCTO to start talking straight to markets. Time to drop the ‘cloistered clan’ approaches.

SETA and QCTO Must Take a Pro-Poor Policy Approach For Education and Training to be an Inclusive and Reliable Economic Sector. 

It’s never too late for SETAs to substantiate their worth and more effectively link the unemployed and under resourced to employment and development opportunities in order to move towards a better system.

A large criticism from the business sector and learners is that SETAs are too difficult to work with.

SETAs play both quality and developmental roles. When they reinforce the environment for learners, a natural spin off will be a strengthened environment for business.

Accredited training providers lack visibility on SETA websites. Whilst some argue that training providers don’t want their information published –  then they shouldn’t be accredited in the public system.

The public has a right to EASILY find information about who the accredited providers are for specific qualifications in any geographical regions.

Pro-poor means to consider impacts of decisions and access to resources by the poor.

For SETAs, if their site button for Learnership and Apprenticeship applications cannot be found by the relevant target market within 15 seconds and the pages take long to load – then it’s more costly to be on the website. 

That website is not pro-poor as it disadvantages the poor and defeats their ability to access information swiftly. Information that targets the poor must be easy and quick to find.

Given that poor people can seldom afford consistent access to resources such as the internet – government websites need to more effectively prioritise information to their primary markets. It’s no use defining your market and then not giving that market a presence on your website that they can relate to.

It’s official – SETAs remain as is till 2020.

Ministers Short ‘n Tidy Statement about the Extension of NSDS 3

Leonie provides support to organisations who want to re-imagine their growth and market positioning strategy. If you’re accredited but have been unable to successfully expand your markets, it’s time to change!

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Education, Training and Marketing Management

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  1. Dewald Hattingh

    Hi Leoni, it is dewald Hattingh on George, garden route, will you be able to make contact with us for accreditation with HW seta since our accreditation expires with services last year..

    1. Leonie Hall

      Hi Dewald!
      We’ve sent you a few emails, let us know if you still need help!

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