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Seminar Promotions in JHB

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Does SETA QCTO and CHE accreditation bring on your numbskull?

It’s more productive and sustainable for organisations to understand the implications of accreditation themselves rather than hiring a consultant to dictate the terms to them.

Accreditation Support Seminars

2016 marked the first round of accreditation workshops. They were the only public workshops on offer in the country and due to demand, have been reshaped for 2017.

Seminars thoroughly unpack accreditation legislation that SETAs, the Council of Higher Education and the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations act upon. Industry trends and applicable solutions are shared and delegates are able to ask questions in a constructive environment.

Organisations, entrepreneurs and consultants will enjoy the insight into how quality assurance plays out across the entire education and training spectrum.

Here’s the list of 10 Seminars

Please click the link to register for seminars.

Register for power seminars

CHE SETA QCTO Accreditation Seminar Schedule for 2017

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