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SETA Accreditation simplified for new ETD start-ups

Becoming an accredited education and training organisation is easier than being a successful one. If you can’t get the accreditation process right, chances are high you will find the market place challenging.

If you want to understand your specific business context and how to proceed with accreditation, I’ve found that intense 1-on-1 discussions allow clients to process information quickly and get immediate input on their understanding.
Many start-ups struggle to identify the correct SETA and relevant market competitive qualification to base their new business on. This means that once accredited, they are unable to sell their qualification services as they failed to establish where market traction exists.

Coaching Promotion

 Three 40 minute handholding consults for R1600 cover:
  • How to manage the accreditation process, everything you need for a successful application
  • Market analysis and how to select your qualification
  • How to set up your Quality Management System

 Includes a FREE e-book gently explaining SETA accreditation.

This offer is only available till 25 May 2018


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