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Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL procedure Infographic

Recognition of Prior Learning, one of the most awesome education policies EVER!

Why learn what you already know? The RPL policy describes how you can be credited for experience, knowledge and skills. Finding accredited providers to deliver RPL services appears to be one of the largest challenges.

Readers often write in requesting names of RPL providers.

This information should be available on SAQA, however there appears to be no interest in allowing the public access to current provider details. Although this criticism has been made public and been seen by SAQA, they refuse to respond or constructively address the issue and provide feedback. So if you struggle, complain to them and make your voice heard!

Below are the SAQA leaders viewing criticism of their inefficiency and contribution to market failure.

The public and industry cannot rely on SAQA to provide accredited provider names on registered qualifications. This means markets cannot gain access to quality assured services. Ask them why they purposefully limit South Africa yourself!


RPL Power Solution

The intent behind RPL is to recognise and quantify a person’s relevant experiences and knowledge against a specific qualification.

Many adults who grew up in the 1980’s in South Africa were unable to focus on a career based education as a result of apartheid policies controlling business and society. They may now find themselves stuck in middle management without the qualifications to allow them to progress in higher level positions.

They should pursue an RPL intervention if they are able to provide evidence of their experience to justify being awarded the qualification.


If you know someone who is overlooked for promotion at work because they lack qualifications, share this post with them.

Everyone deserves to be inspired to release their full potential.

The RPL infographic below outlines the process followed to pursue Recognition of Prior Learning.

Education and Training organisations are required to have and apply an RPL policy as it forms part of their Quality Management Systems required for accreditation.


Be sure to leave a comment below if you also think RPL is fantastic!

Recognition of Prior Learning Infographic
Recognition of Prior Learning Infographic

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Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL procedure Infographic

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