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Link QCTO accreditation and your Market Development Strategy Seminar

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If your organisation prefers to address strategic issues in a competitive manner, specific to their business environment –  book a bespoke solution.  Seminar topics can be tailored and delivered at your premises.

Accreditation deadline with the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations by 2020

Register for the QCTO Accreditation Seminar covering

Process, Policy and Competitive Market Strategy

Feeling clueless in the QCTO space?

  • Get to grips with QCTO policy and processes and how to align yourself to their interests.
  • The future of occupational training lies with the QCTO so let’s get moving now to be competitive in the future.

While accreditation for most occupational qualifications are still only available at the SETAs, from 2020 the QCTO will assume provider accrediting powers. Providers applying for accreditation need to check if the qualification they wish to be accredited for is still with the SETA or now only available through the QCTO.

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Building Blocks for AccreditationQCTO accreditation and market analysisLearner Policies & Support systemsManagement PolicyQuality Management Systems FrameworkReview Mechanisms and market trendsProgramme Delivery & Market ExpectationsLearner Assessment PoliciesHR Policies and Training Team solutionsPolicy Strategy: Management System, Policies and Biz development

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Logistical arrangements are finalised once we have a minimum of 7 participants in Gauteng and 11 in Durban and Cape Town.

QCTO Seminars in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town

Gear up for QCTO Skills Development Policy Requirements

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