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Economic innovation and expansion of education and training markets.

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Need to Market Accredited Training?

Training organisations are increasingly looking at expanding their reach into markets where they may face less tough competition.  They expand by offering diverse qualifications to attract and serve new markets. Each qualification requires a tailored marketing strategy to attract different market segments.

Attracting New Markets

Since starting a blog about education, training and economic development issues in 2010, I’ve learnt extensively about how various markets search for information and what they find useful. I’ve seen how a range of content strategies are required before a natural, consistent traffic flow is established, ranking you on page 1 of google searches.


A firm belief in education and training as an important driver of social and economic change, means I’m keenly interested in helping E&T organisations grow.

Don’t hire an expensive ad agency to develop your content! I have a special package for those who need a quick content boost or a start-up fuel injection.

Let’s attract web traffic to your site and increase sales possibilities

10 Posts for R 6 000

  • posts range from 300 – 800 words 

  • posts are based on your current / projected training 

  • digital copies of learner guides are required

  • organisations can send specific material (graphics, quotes, information etc) they want included in posts

  • includes SEO and social sharing recommendations

How can we be market competitive if we’re only accredited for one qualification?

Market Accredited Education and Training Like A Ninja

Designing a Competitive Education and Training Business Strategy

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