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She is a high-caliber strategist with excellent project management skills and a fantastic ability to 'turn any lemon into a delicious lemonade'. She has a great talent in managing economic development initiatives and I find her conduct and performance to be of the highest quality.

Shelly Korn, Director, Staffwise

Leonie is a dedicated and extremely passionate person, able to strategize and present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She successfully developed a division of Learning for our company resulting in increased revenue. During her tenure, we saw an increase in profits.

Moira Smith, Business Development Manager

28.6 Million internet users in South Africa, but how many find you?

Internet ranking and low cost competitive strategies has become big business. With over 15 million social media users in South Africa, how can education, training and development organisations compete and curate content to channel them?

If Content is King and Creativity is Queen

What’s happening in your kingdom?!

More than 40% of South African’s use Social Media at least once a day, predominantly on cell phones, does your content position your company competitively?


Attract web traffic and increase sales or funding possibilities

Customised content strategies can position your products and services ahead of the pack. Give people reasons to follow your news and respond to your promotions. The more they share within their networks, the more you increase opportunity.

Bring on the traffic!

I’ve studied the top South African education and training organisation websites and have designed a content strategy to disrupt dominance! 

Set up for spring by signing up for the following promotion:

10 Posts for R 6 000

  • posts range from 300 – 800 words 

  • organisations compile material (learning guides, graphics, quotes, information etc) they want posts to be based on

  • includes SEO and social sharing recommendations

Market Accredited Education and Training Like A Ninja

Designing a Competitive Education and Training Business Strategy

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Ernest Hlogwane

Thanks Leonie Hall for the wonderful workshop that really assisted me with all the basics of accreditation with SETAs as service provider, Assessor, Facilitator and/or Moderator. I have acquired much information that gave me so many resources needed in the skills training and development industry.

-Ernest Hlogwane
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