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Positioning yourself in Education and Training?

Freelance facilitators and independent  experts in education and training often ask how they can secure more work. Many skilled professionals only find inconsistent contractual work and often drop their rates in order to secure opportunity.

Don’t know where to get started?

Sound like you?

Join me, Leonie Hall , for a 90 minute career coaching session.

Want inside advice about what you can do to make to make a difference in the industry and position yourself meaningfully so that you get what you want?

You’re right to want to love your livelihood

Most of the professionals I meet are extremely passionate about the role they play in a better, brighter world. None of us teach, facilitate or consult in the education and training sector in order to make reality bleak, do we? ‘Course not!

Our sector is innovative and can transform individuals, society and business.

You need to earn

Earning income consistently is a challenge in a sector that prefers to outsource these experts and secure them at as low a rate as possible.

How does love pay?

I know what it’s like to juggle interests and what to do when you need a bare-bones strategy. Let’s work with your worst case scenario and turn it around.

Are these your glitches?

  • I don’t know how to market myself because I don’t know what’s worth marketing about myself and to who!
  • I keep getting offers below my asking rate.
  • How do I find a viable fit for myself in this shifting Education and Training landscape?
  • I’m not an accredited facilitator / assessor / moderator but I’m interested. How do I get started?
  • I really just need to rant at someone and I’m willing to pay for it!

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Accreditation Services
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Need help keeping up to speed?

Policy and Praxis

Seamless systems connecting vision to outcome

Marketing Strategies

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Economic innovation and expansion of education and training markets.

Finding solutions to vulnerable groups and in strengthening market inclusion.


Keep Climbing

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