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Moderating, Customising and Branding Accredited Training Content

Training material is your love-hate communication to participants and the professional training team using the content. If material doesn’t carry your brand and the content fails to inspire, you have a problem! 


Your content must reflect target market needs.

Example: If NQF Level 3 content is purchased but the language uses complex words, you will not be meeting market needs or be able to effectively facilitate an intervention inspiring lifelong learning.


  • Before purchasing content, always have a skilled moderator formally assess and report on it. 
  • Guides issued to the learners are the most critical and should be the focus of any branding and customisation exercise
  • The learner guide should be separated from workbooks as a standalone marketing tool and learner resource
  • Branding relates to
    • experience: look and feel (use of icons, content layout, overall image)
    • competition: what can you do to stand out in the market place
  • Customisation relates to content relevance, meaning and overall learning process  
    • Even if the requirements are simple, customization usually requires changes to all manuals. 
    • Customisation is ideal for organisations who want to combine their original content with purchased content 
    • Theory, formative and summative activities can be adapted without compromising alignment integrity

You want help, don’t you?!


Tell us what you need and precisely which qualification you require assistance with.

*Please note content development is not included. Developers can be recommended if you have a budget of more than R100k.

Content development workshops are arranged for select clients capable of the task. This is not recommended for those who have never invested in purchased content and have no understanding of pedagogy. However it can be done, but at a cost!


  • Branding is based on your budget and begins at R1 500 per learning programme.
  • Moderation fees range from R1 300 to R8 000, depending on the number of credits, NQF level and reporting requirements.
  • Customization is also budget based, depending on how much of an overhaul or edit you require. 

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