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Free NQF infographic – know your qualification level

Whether you’re looking for a study opportunity or employment, knowing your current qualification level will help you identify relevant opportunities.

For teachers or trainers, this tool helps demonstrate how candidates move across and along the National Qualifications Framework.

Get your free copy of the National Qualifications Framework infographic

See the list of different qualification types available in South Africa.
The National Qualifications Framework links all available qualifications and part qualifications.

Progress from NQF Level 1 to 10 through traditional study or follow an occupational qualification route by entering apprenticeships or learnerships.


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It’s not all about climbing up to NQF level 10

Let’s face it, we’re not all academics interested in keeping our noses in the books. Do short courses and skills programmes to earn part qualifications.

Move sideways on the NQF. For example: if you successfully complete a qualification on NQF L4, you have the option of progressing to the next level of that qualification or to study something else at NQF L4. If you do this, you won’t have to repeat programme components such as language and maths fundamentals as you would already have been credited for them.

The National Qualifications Framework organises how one earns credits and is recognised for skills and competencies.

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