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Leonie Hall

Economic innovation and expansion of education and training markets.

Finding solutions to vulnerable groups and in strengthening market inclusion.

FOR SALE! Policies and Procedures for Education and Training

Learner management, assessment and RPL (recognition of prior learning) are just some of the policy areas education and training providers must address. Education and training organisations must convey an understanding of special needs and accommodation in addition to financial management.

Quality Management Systems

The following policies are available for R250 each

  1. Accommodating candidates with disabilities
  2. Assessment and moderation policy
  3. Appeals policy and procedure (form)
  4. Certification policy
  5. Learner cancellation policy
  6. Learner guidance and support policy
  7. Learner recruitment and admissions policy
  8. Off-site training policy
  9. Occupational health and safety policy
  10. QMS review policy
  11. Recognition of prior learning
  12. Staff recruitment, selection and appointment policy
  13. Skill audit and staff development policy


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Ernest Hlogwane

Thanks Leonie Hall for the wonderful workshop that really assisted me with all the basics of accreditation with SETAs as service provider, Assessor, Facilitator and/or Moderator. I have acquired much information that gave me so many resources needed in the skills training and development industry.

-Ernest Hlogwane

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