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FAQ: SETA Accreditation Process Flow

How does the SETA accreditation process work?

Which SETA is the easiest one to be accredited by?

As a strategist in education and training I’m often approached by newbies and experts who ask these questions. One receives a serious response, the other a warning of retribution!

Here’s the simple version of the SETA accreditation process, extracted from Services SETA.


What does ‘linked’ mean?

Linking the training intention.

Most clients get it wrong.

Many don’t understand how a primary vs an extension of scope SETA differ.

Your primary SETA is the one most closely linked to your market, products and services.


If you ask ‘which SETA is the easiest to be accredited with?’ you’re fired as my client and I’m keeping your money!!

Speak to any entrepreneur, if you want ‘easy’ you need to get a job! 😉

If you’re stuck, book a consultation or continue reading! 

If you have questions for me, post them below in the comments section and I’ll respond!

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