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7S synergy

Social change and economic innovation by expanding learning communities in the post-school education and training network

Accredited but no new business?

Market Strategy Builds Business

Once accredited, market perceptions should shift in your favour.

If that hasn’t happened, it’s time to refine your marketing strategy in order to more profoundly communicate the value and competitive edge you offer.

Looking for a creative education market strategy?

Let’s get it right:

  • Evaluate your website – how easy is it for your market to find the information that will result in a sale?
  • Assess your target market strategy – how do you know they need your services and how do you make this accessible to them?
  • Accessibility is increased through promotion, how do you connect your target market to the service?
  • How interesting / unique / different or niche are you?
  • How do you generate interest? Do you provide information (blog) and rich media (video, infographics)?

Video production

The demand for video content is growing. Are you producing training or marketing content to meet this demand?

I’m collaborating with a video production team to make the development of video content more accessible to training organisations who want to create training or marketing content.

Based in Gallo Manor, Sandton, the resource centre contains a recording studio, filming room with edit facilities and space to train teams on how to present original material.

Do you need assistance with any of the above?

Trust someone passionate about education with your marketing material.

Complete the form below and I’ll get right back to you.

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  1. Hi

    Are you offering any training in durban ?
    If possible could you email me your dates and prices. Thank you

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