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Is your Quality Management System a Bad Joke?

SETAs and Quality Councils require that a quality management system framework and a detailed review mechanism be submitted for accreditation purposes.

From QMS to Review

“Life is not measured by the breathes you take, but by the moments that take your breathe away.” 

George Carlin

Your QMS is a visionary document for consistently nurturing and expanding upon quality measures.

Outlining processes and procedures that implement quality management in the organisation

A QMS ensures that these important requirements are met:

1.It provides detailed business systems

  • Internal and external operational requirements are stipulated
  • Ensures the efficient utilisation of human, physical, technological and information resources.

2.It provides training systems that include

  • development
  • delivery
  • evaluation of learning
  • Directs a focus on learners’ needs and requirements (the ability to consistently deliver and assess the desired training outcomes).

A QMS raises the expectation of management to consistently demonstrate

Planning – Quality Actions – Monitoring & Reporting – Evaluation

Organizations delivering training must clearly define the objectives they intend achieving and the quality indicators to be used to measure the extent to which objectives are achieved.  These quality indicators will measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the training and assessments that are provided.

One should also bear in mind that learners and employers investing in education and training interventions are consumers. As such, the risk of litigation exists.

Strict adherence to the QMS is thus key to success and protection.

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