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Dynamic Accreditation and Strategy Solutions for Education and Training Organisations

Bespoke solutions are available both to organisations who are accredited but dissatisfied with business growth and those who wish to embark on a planned, strategic accreditation path.

Accreditation Means Market Growth, or Something’s Wrong

Delivering in the occupational training space means you must satisfy accreditation criteria prescribed by legislation. This implies market related products and services that are compliant with laws and government policy.

Leonie assists with making the connections between government policy interests and market trends relevant to your sustainable development.

Accredited education and training organisations offer market-relevant programmes resulting in credit-bearing qualifications or part-qualifications.

These qualifications are compatible with overall economic objectives and individual industry needs.


Select from 10 seminar topics creating your unique team workshop.

Each seminar increases your understanding in the value of taking a competitive approach that connects delivery or production mechanisms to maximum market growth.


Accreditation requirements build scope for organisations to develop a competitive market edge – let’s max it!

Sign up and suit to fit!

Select from topics listed below or tell us what you'd like. Sessions will focus on specific business needs and competitive focus.

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Quality Council for Trade and Occupations accreditation and market analysisLearner Policies & Support systemsBuilding Blocks for AccreditationBusiness Strategy, Policy Statement & Quality Council nuancesQuality Management Systems FrameworkReview Mechanisms and market trendsProgramme Delivery & Market ExpectationsLearner Assessment PoliciesHR Policies and Training Team solutionsManagement System, Policies and Biz development

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Two-hour sessions : R5 000

Three-hour sessions : R6 000

This fee excludes transport to organisations outside the Johannesburg metropole.

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