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Seminar Promotions in JHB

There are always fresh new promotions to help facilitate a range of market needs. Check our PROMOTIONS page for latest news.


7S synergy

Social change and economic innovation by expanding learning communities in the post-school education and training network

Designing a Competitive Education and Training Business Strategy

This infographic describes three popular business tools for analysing business environments and shaping a competitive strategy.

If you are applying for accreditation with a quality council or SETA, you will be required to provide evidence of strategy and business planning.

Business Strategy for Education and Training Providers

Here are three favourite strategic tools I use when assisting organisations to improve their competitive ability.

SWOT is common and needs no introduction. Porter’s 5 Forces juices your competitive strategy and helps you unpack the environment you operate in. The 7P’s is a paint-by-numbers approach to marketing, don’t skip any aspect and connect each ‘P.’


Join the seminar covering Business Strategy, Policy Statement alignment and Quality Council compliance.

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost: R1400 (R1100 for bookings paid 7 or more days in advance.)

Click the image below to register.

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