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Designing a Competitive Education and Training Business Strategy

This visual shows three popular business tools for analysing business environments for a competitive strategy.

Are you applying for accreditation with a quality council or SETA? Use this information to create evidence of strategy and business planning.

Business Strategy for Education and Training Providers

Here are three favourite strategic tools I use when assisting organisations to improve their competitive ability.

  1. SWOT is common and needs no introduction. 
  2. Porter’s 5 Forces juices your competitive strategy and helps you unpack the environment you operate in.
  3. The 7P’s is a paint-by-numbers approach to marketing, don’t skip any aspect and connect each ‘P.’

Don't stagnate, INNOVATE!

Understanding economic issues and specific business contexts allows us to identify viable and aggressive growth paths.
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Strategies for Competitive Training Organisations

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