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FAQ: SETA Accreditation Process Flow

How does the SETA accreditation process work?

Which SETA is the easiest one to be accredited by?

As a strategist in education and training I’m often approached by newbies and experts who ask these questions. One receives a serious response, the other a warning of retribution!

Here’s the simple version of the SETA accreditation process, extracted from Services SETA.

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SETA Accreditation for Dummies

How to design and implement a quality management system for education? Think full circle. No component of your quality management system should escape review.

The implicit magic of QMS and M&E shapes a successful business competitive strategy.

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SETA Funded Programmes Increase from 2016 to 2017

The opportunities funded by SETAs have increased. SETAs determine training and development needs required to meet scarce and critical skills in economic sectors. It seems that SETAs will play a greater role in providing funding for tertiary education programmes in 2017.

50349: The total number of funded interventions in 2016

100 821: The total number of funded interventions planned for 2017

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CATHSSETA Grants for Employers, NGOs, Unions, SMMEs and Cooperatives

News is that SETAs remain till 2020. The funding window for applicants has been open since 12 December 2016. Stakeholders and legal entities who fall within the CATTHSSETA scope can apply.

Applications for Discretionary Grant Funding for PIVOTAL Programmes

Here’s the link to the advert for more information


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