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20 Minute Strategy Sweetening for Training and Development

SETA or QCTO accredited but it's not paying off? Education and Training is a dynamic sector inspiring endless innovation and competition opportunities.  Chat about challenges to a seasoned expert in education and economic development, from policy to practically anything!  FROM ACCREDITATION TO COMPETITION For the accredited to the not yet accredited. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING MANAGEMENT…
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SETA Accreditation simplified for new ETD start-ups

Becoming an accredited education and training organisation is easier than being a successful one. If you can't get the accreditation process right, chances are high you will find the market place challenging. If you want to understand your specific business context and how to proceed with accreditation, I've found that intense 1-on-1 discussions allow clients…
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I want to be accredited. Where do I begin?

Begin any Wednesday! The path starts with a CV if you're an individual a corporate profile if a registered business. It takes around 20 minutes to break down FIND YOUR PATH Book your time and send the relevant document ahead of your session. WEDNESDAYS ONLY!   Book your session below! Click on articles for free advice  about…
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Every Wednesday! 20 Minutes with your worst questions

What does accreditation even mean?! What is required and why? Bring your questions and market bugs! Education and Training is a dynamic sector inspiring endless innovation and competition opportunities.  Chat to someone who has worked in education and economic development for two decades. From policy to praxis, let Leonie assist you. KEEPING UP?  Take a…
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Need a Career Consultation about Positioning yourself in Education and Training?

Freelance facilitators and independent  experts in education and training often ask how they can secure more work. Many skilled professionals only find inconsistent contractual work and often drop their rates in order to secure opportunity. Don't know where to get started? Sound like you? Join me, Leonie Hall , for a 90 minute career coaching…
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Hiring a Consultant for SETA QCTO or CHE accreditation?

It's essential for organisations to understand and learn about the implications of accreditation themselves rather than hiring a consultant to 'get everything done.' Failure to do so could land you on the same dung heap as countless others who became accredited then crashed within 3 years. Do-It-Yourself Accreditation Support Seminars Public and bespoke Seminars  unpack…
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