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Seminar Promotions in JHB

There are always fresh new promotions to help facilitate a range of market needs. Check our PROMOTIONS page for latest news.


7S synergy

Social change and economic innovation by expanding learning communities in the post-school education and training network


QCTO criteria for Assessment Quality Partners (AQP)

AQPs are assigned to implement external integrated summative assessments of specified NQF registered occupational qualifications and part qualifications ...
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The QCTO Mandate

A brief outline of the legislation shaping QCTO responsibilities What does the QCTO do for us? ...
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QCTO Values and Accountability

Organisations use values to guide their actions and maintain fruitful stakeholder relationships. When you engage with the Quality Council for ...
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Market Analysis Outline for QCTO Accreditation and Free Stakeholder Databases

The deadline for QCTO accreditation is 2020. Here's how to set your sights on a sustainable vision. Take these steps ...
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What do QCTO Assessment Quality Partners report on?

Assessment Quality Partners (AQP) are delegated by the QCTO to manage and coordinate the external integrated summative assessments of specified ...
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QCTO Code of Conduct for DQPs and AQPs

The QCTO code of conduct signed by AQPs and DQPs ...
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QCTO Nomenclature – use the lingo like a ninja

Popular QCTO Terms Defined Accredited Skills Development Provider means a provider of occupational learning accredited by the QCTO Assessment Centre ...
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Gear up for QCTO Skills Development Policy Requirements

Planning to compete as an accredited QCTO Skills Development Provider?  The Quality Council for Trade and Occupations While accreditation for most ...
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Link QCTO accreditation and your Market Development Strategy or find yourself hustling

Book for public schedule QCTO seminars in Cape Town and Durban Did you know? If your organisation prefers to address ...
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QCTO Accreditation Policy Statement for Skills Development Providers

The Quality Council for Trade and Occupations Here's Section 7 of the QCTO Policy spelling out key criteria for Skills ...
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