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Address Pro-Poor Education Policy

Poverty is complex. 'Money' is not the only distinguishing factor. Family relationships, sense of safety, technology and accents can make some of us poorer than others. Constructing Education Policy Measures to Support Learners and Students from Vulnerable Groups From Basic: Every Child is a National Asset  To Higher: Together Moving Post-School Education and Training Forward Data Collection…
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2020 Vision for SETAs but what improves?

It was clear that a seamless transition from SETA to QCTO would be miraculous. Hopefully, the SETAs and the QCTO will use the time to improve their policies around stakeholder engagement so that target markets can indeed become beneficiaries. Business, NGOs, Unions and SMMEs need to step up and participate in addressing how to improve and redesign…
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CATHSSETA Grants 2018

News is that SETAs remain till 2020. The funding window for applicants has been open since 12 December 2016. Stakeholders and legal entities who fall within the CATTHSSETA scope can apply. Applications for Discretionary Grant Funding for PIVOTAL Programmes Here's the link to the advert for more information Discretionary-Grants-cathsseta Leonie provides support to organisations who…
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SAQA and CAT Policy

Credit Accumulation Transfer (CAT) “Credit Accumulation Transfer” is based on a model developed by SAQA that is used to determine how CAT can be implemented to recognise school / FET qualifications and sector qualifications Recognition of Achievements This ensures that learners don’t repeat the exercise of learning something they already know and face a second judgement determining…
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Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator Qualifications

The question about the credentials required to offer accredited facilitator, assessor and moderator services can also apply to managing NQF based interventions. The same training can be recommended to entrepreneurs or managers responsible for compliance. What to Study for ETD Certification These are three standard unit standards you can be assessed against in order to receive an…
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The RPL Assessors Role

'Recognition of Prior Learning' (RPL) assessors are sensitive to the range and variety of evidence that candidates can use and generate to prove skills and knowledge. How to Audit Knowledge, Skills and Competence for Recognition of Prior Learning List the specific outcomes for the award. For each learning outcome consider in terms of: can do…
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Designing the RPL Policy and Procedure

Organisations must submit a Recognition of Prior Learning policy and procedure as part of their accreditation application. Recognition of Prior Learning Policy & Procedure The following is an outline of what this policy should contain. Reference Points Education and training policies and procedures should reference existing legislation and policy documents provided by the DoL, SAQA,…
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Legislation’s 8-Core Criteria for minimum E&T Accreditation

Accredited education and training organisations have proven that they understand the Quality Context described in legislation's 8-core criteria CHE, QCTO and SETAs use the 8-core criteria for accreditation judgements The 8-core criteria are nuanced and added to by the Quality Councils. Understanding 'nuances': If you apply for accreditation using the same set of evidence (based upon…
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30 Policies and Procedures for your CHE, SETA or QCTO accreditation

A list of 30 key policies and procedures to help organisations prepare their accreditation portfolio of evidence. Policy, Procedure and Strategy Framework for a Quality Management System This list of policies and procedures is not conclusive but provides a great framework for a thorough approach to quality managing your training procedures, policies and overarching systems. Remember…
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12 Questions for QMS

CHE, QCTO and SETA Quality Management Systems Education and Training organisations applying for Quality Council Accreditation must provide a comprehensive description of their systems and operations. Organisations must provide evidence that reflects precisely how quality is controlled and assured at all levels. Twelve Questions to Shape the Quality Management System How to create and sustain…
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Accreditation Building Blocks for Education and Training Providers

SETA, QCTO and CHE Accreditation The Building Blocks seminar provides an overall strategy for Accreditation and Market Capture. If you want to steal the show, this is the one to attend! The Building Blocks seminar provides a holistic big-picture view of the entire accreditation process and its implications. How to structure a strategic approach to…
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QCTO Accreditation Policy Statement for Skills Development Providers

The Quality Council for Trade and Occupations Section 7 of the QCTO Policy spells out key criteria for Skills Provider Accreditation. Criteria for accreditation of skills development providers 7.1 The QCTO will accredit an entity as an SDP for a specified occupational qualification or part qualification if recommended by an AQP and if that entity…
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Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL procedure Infographic

Recognition of Prior Learning, one of the most awesome education policies EVER! Why learn what you already know? The RPL policy describes how you can be credited for experience, knowledge and skills. Finding accredited providers to deliver RPL services appears to be one of the largest challenges. RPL Power Solution The intent behind RPL is to…
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Market Accredited Education and Training Like A Ninja

The 7P's Marketing Mix for Training Providers The marketing mix helps you frame a meaningful training market strategy. The marketing mix is a conceptual framework identifying the key decision making managers follow when structuring marketing strategies. This framework can be used to develop both long-term strategies and short-term tactical programmes for attracting new markets to…
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SETA talk

How do SETAs assist youth? SETAs provide opportunities for the unemployed, youth and poor. These opportunities are directly linked to industry needs.


Contact information for people at SETAs. Its often difficult for youth to access information about skills development opportunities. Each SETA is connected to specific industries. Do thorough research before contacting them.


List of TVET Colleges in SA. Research all career development opportunities in order to plan your future.


SETAs offer advice about career development opportunities. Here is a list of Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) for you.