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Differences between Accredited and Not-for credit learning programmes

Which programmes are trustworthy and market related? Is non credit bearing training worth the investment? Markets are concerned with these issues as they often question impacts and worth. Credits and Credibility If your programme is aligned to credit bearing quality standards it can be easier to pitch to a market. Non credit bearing can crack…
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Managing 18.2 Learnerships and Apprenticeships

Learnerships and apprenticeships have two primary target groups, the employed (18.1) and the unemployed (18.2). It's important to manage expectations in a way that ensures learners take ownership of their development. Most employers can't offer long term opportunity. What can you do for participants you can't employ? "Manage your future" Bootcamp Leonie assists employers and…
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Training Market Strategy and TVET Competition

Colleges, provinces and population dynamics. Which province has the least or most colleges and does it matter? What can we learn about market opportunities when data shapes the story? Gaps for youth and unemployed development? Compelling factors shaping why, how and who for education and training organisations.  COLLEGES, PROVINCES AND POPULATION DYNAMICS The table below…
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Education and Training. Business and Poverty.

Poverty increases as economic growth declines. Education and training organisations are uniquely placed to address market opportunities and align with government policy. UNDERSTANDING POVERTY MARKETS Who are most affected by poverty? Stats SA  reported that the following South Africans are most likely to struggle in poverty: children aged 17 years and younger black Africans females…
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Policies and Procedures List for Education and Training Accreditation

30 policies and procedures helping organisations prepare an accreditation portfolio of evidence. Use this list to create a policy framework for Quality Management System. Quality management is an essential component of the business value chain. The effectiveness and efficiency of your 360 degree management system can impact your profits and market share. EDUCATION & TRAINING…
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Creating and Customising Learning Content for Accreditation

Learning content must meet NQF standards and conform to Quality Council conventions. Sign up for seminars to learn more about accreditation evidence requirements.  Creating NQF Aligned Activities Curriculum developers have to ensure that learning experiences based on NQF qualifications and part-qualifications quantify learners ability to demonstrate skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that can be effectively…
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Education or Training Markets and Quality

The basics of how legislation defines and contextualizes 'Quality' in education and training. Quality can be complicated and is directly linked to business success or failure.  Education Training Quality Assurance Skills development in South Africa is underpinned by the need to address unemployment, poverty and economic growth. The use of skills development as an alternative revenue…
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Example of Services SETA Learning Programme Review

In keeping with their developmental roles, SETAs provide thorough feedback for remediation. Reports are snag lists specifying exactly what must be corrected to meet quality assurance requirements. SSETA Learning Programme Evaluation This SSETA report is for a skills provider applying for approval on a single unit standard. Use this information to prepare your own training…
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Example of SASETA Learning Programme Review

SETAs provide thorough feedback and opportunity for service provider remediation. In keeping with their developmental roles, SETAs provide thorough feedback for remediation. Reports are snag lists specifying exactly what must be corrected to meet quality assurance requirements. SASETA Learning Programme Evaluation SASETA provided these comments to a skills provider applying for approval on a skills…
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Submitting Content for Programme Approval?

Whether you’re a new accreditation applicant or an organisation applying for an extension of scope, the respective SETA has to validate your training material and ensure that it meets regulatory standards. SETA Role, Education Ethos and Conventions SETAs play a developmental role Adding value to the sector by ensuring competent providers is key to the…
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Download The NQF Impact Study

 A smorgasbord of statistics spanning an entire decade is available for Education and Training. The NQF Impact Study 2002 - 2012 SAQA released an NQF impact evaluation report. We can mail it right to your inbox and save you some bother. :) SAQA took frikkin long to produce this! Let's hope they can consistently provide…
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Top 10 RPL qualifications 2002-2012

The top 10 RPL qualifications include business practice, real estate and chemical operations. See the top 3. Recognition of Prior Learning Trending Qualifications THE TOP RPL QUALIFICATION Further Education and Training Certificate: Real Estate, NQF Level 04 The top qualification had 7852 candidates whilst the qualification in 10th place, GETC Business Practice had 458 qualifiers.…
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Learner Assessment Management and Accreditation

Assessment and Moderation Policies and Procedures Quality Assurance Councils want to see policies and procedures for forms of assessments and how they are managed. Assessment is a quality indicator and as such, should be a detailed component of your Quality Management System.  Training providers must create policies and procedures guiding each stage of training delivery…
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How Learning Programmes are developed, delivered and evaluated for Accreditation

Your Quality Management System for Training Delivery must include policies and procedures for the development, design and delivery of learning interventions. Catch our Programme Delivery and Market Expectations seminar for more on this. Accreditation Criteria 4: Learning Programme Delivery Programme Delivery and Accreditation Programme management is a core criterion for Accreditation and should specify the following:…
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Free Alignment Matrix and SETA programme evaluation reports

Two examples of SETA feedback reports addressing learning programme approval and a free alignment matrix tool. Skills providers can avoid common errors by referring to precedents and ensuring they are correctly prepared. In South Africa, we train to increase employability, career progression, economic development and to foster a more inclusive society. The incentivised nature of…
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The South African National Qualifications Framework

Here's what SAQA says The National Qualifications Framework Act 67 of 2008 provides for the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Every South African has opportunity to climb the NQF. The NQF is a comprehensive system, approved by the Minister of Higher Education and Training, for the classification, registration and publication of articulated and quality-assured national qualifications…
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Free NQF infographic – know your qualification level

The top 10 RPL qualifications include business practice, real estate and chemical operations. See the top 3. For teachers or trainers, this tool helps demonstrate how candidates move across and along the National Qualifications Framework. Get your free copy of the National Qualifications Framework infographic See the list of different qualification types available in South…
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Collecting evidence for RPL

Recognition of Prior Learning Why learn what you already know? The RPL process is one which considers your knowledge and experience to gain a qualification. If you select a qualification that is closely related to your experience, you won’t have to attend much, if any, training. You can skip the training that inexperienced people would…
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Quality Management Facilitates Growth

Quality Management and Monitoring & Evaluation Systems create a Quality Circle stimulating Growth and Innovation Quality management fosters credibility, profitability and competitive actions. SETAs and quality councils require that a quality management system framework and a detailed review mechanism be submitted for accreditation purposes. QUALITY DIMENSION Your QMS is a visionary document consistently nurturing and expanding upon…
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QCTO Values and Accountability

Organisations use values to guide their actions and maintain fruitful stakeholder relationships. When you engage with the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations, familiarise yourself with their values  and use the information to steer discussions. Values can also be used to hold an organisation accountable. Address your issues by referring to these values and use…
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What do QCTO Assessment Quality Partners report on?

Assessment Quality Partners (AQP) are delegated by the QCTO to manage and coordinate the external integrated summative assessments of specified NQF registered occupational qualifications and part qualifications. The AQPs report to the QCTO The AQPs will report to the QCTO on the following: Assessment centre accreditation /de-accreditation and assessment site approval/de-approval; Assessment instruments utilisation and…
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The QCTO code of conduct signed by AQPs and DQPs Code of conduct for AQPs and DQPs We, the undersigned, wish to be appointed by the QCTO as a DQP/AQP. We agree that, if the QCTO delegates such functions to us, we hereby commit ourselves to abide by the QCTO’s Code of Conduct in relation…
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QCTO Nomenclature

Use the lingo like a ninja! Popular QCTO Terms Defined Accredited Skills Development Provider means a provider of occupational learning accredited by the QCTO Assessment Centre means a centre accredited by the QCTO for the purpose of conducting external summative assessments for specified registered occupational qualifications Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) means a body delegated by…
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Pricked by Accreditation?

Fix the Pain CHE, SETA and QCTO Accreditation asprin Documents and quality management procedures reflecting the 8 core-criteria for accreditation must be submitted to a Quality Council or Education and Training Quality Assurance body. Requirements and nuances for different quality assurance bodies are unpacked during seminars and solutions are described. SEMINARS EXPLAIN HOW TO CORRECTLY…
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 Trainers are often freelancers who rarely have opportunities to collect with other like-minded professionals to unpack industry challenges and opportunities. Join a team and build industry muscle. Drop in on SAPTA's event. SAPTA Gauteng Chapter Networking and Development Event Saturday 11 February 2017 Relentlessly Relevant: How to Innovate  - Douglas Kruger Staying relevant and being innovative are two…
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