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Three shoot-to-thrill video packages

7 Sundays finds innovative networks committed to contributing to robust learning communities throughout South Africa.
Eight 5-min videos


Bring it! Shoot a Training Video

There’s no excuse to not post one training video this year. If you have a product, a brand and a viable market proposition, well it’s  a moot point. You need to.

The Indie shoot package is ideal for a one-off concept or a tester – teaser video.

If it’s your first time putting content together, this is the perfect package to cut your teeth on.

Get to know the team and hone your product.

You want to get found, you want to compete for a larger market share?

Make your first video introducing the learning services or products you feature and how they advantage career or business development.

Our Director will keep you on point and paced for maximum effect.

Our kind Editor will ensure you look good and make sense.

The more local content available, the more local learning communities can thrive.

Do your thing!

Generate interest in your learning programmes, create traffic to your website and position the organisation at the forefront of development.

Shoot Video!

This Johannesburg-based video offer is exclusive to education and training organisations, or those who produce content for learning purposes.

Which package grabs you? *

Select one

Indie -R7 500Action -R15 000Feature -R25 000

Your Training Videos for NQF based Qualifications

Training Videos and Reel Time – keeping it down-low

Accredited but no new business?


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