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Moderating, Customising and Branding Accredited Training Content

Training material is your love-hate communication to participants and the ...
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Policies and Procedures List for Education and Training Accreditation

A list of 30 policies and procedures to help organisations ...
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Book your 20 minutes of Soothing Wednesdays

What and Why Wednesdays are for accreditation questions and market ...
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Redemption Strategies for Competitive Training Organisations

Are you directing an accredited education and training organisation? Is ...
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Terminate Accreditation Terrors and Quality Council Cramps

Every Wednesday is time for what and why accreditation questions ...
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4 Examples of the Perfect SETA Accreditation Strategy

There's a formula to pursuing viable accreditation as a training ...
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Creating and Customising Learning Content for Accreditation

Learning content must meet NQF standards and conform to Quality ...
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Education and Training Sector Transformation and Quality

A basic background to how legislation defines and contextualizes 'Quality' ...
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Nuke Education and Training Accreditation Pain Points Now

Competitive organisations offer more value to their markets once accredited. Struggling? ...
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Establishing Profitable Education and Training Accredited Businesses

Attend two seminars about encapsulating quality and profit in an ...
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Example of Services SETA Learning Programme Review

In keeping with their developmental roles, SETAs provide thorough feedback ...
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Example of SASETA Learning Programme Review

SETAs provide thorough feedback and opportunity for service provider remediation ...
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Managing accredited training organisations

Accreditation is not an administrative function. Many accredited organisations fail to compete as they don't understand the dynamic nature of education for profit.

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