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SETA and QCTO Accreditation, Systems and Markets Markets Markets

Organisations operating in the accredited education and training space are looking at increasing their competitive advantages.

Many apply for an extension of scope to offer more qualifications or additional electives. They increase their chances of success if the qualifications they wish to offer are selected based on current and measurable potential market traction as opposed to hopeful assumptions.

Qualifications can each be marketed differently in order to reach as many relevant and diverse market segments as possible. Nuances can add value, for example, some qualifications can be more relevant to the unemployed than the employed, organisations must understand how to use these variables to their advantage.

Business Management Systems Reinforce Legislation and Sustainable Development

When preparing for accreditation, organisations often ask ‘why is marketing included in the Quality Management System?’

When you understand the value of placing learners central to business policy and strategy, you’re increasing your potential to secure sustainable development.

Once your graduates are certified, track their career progress to determine if your service equipped them with the skills, knowledge, attitude and values required to secure a livelihood or career promotion etc. Check if you met their needs.

Meeting legislated delivery standards is not a high enough bar to set for your organisation. Ultimately you must be competitive. Some organisations diversify, some specialise and others decentralise in order to compete more effectively.

Learners are a massive market, as a result of the diversity and our economic goals, there are a few channels to some diverse segments. For example the Department of Labour registers unemployed youth, NGOs and commercial organisations can provide specialised candidate lists.

Understanding who your markets are, why they exist, how to get to them, and more importantly, how to draw them to you can be the difference between success and failure.

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Understanding economic issues and specific business contexts allows us to identify viable and aggressive growth paths.
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