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Accreditation Building Blocks for Education and Training Providers

SETA, QCTO and CHE Accreditation

The Building Blocks seminar provides an overall strategy for Accreditation and Market Capture.

If you want to steal the show, this is the one to attend!

The Building Blocks seminar provides a holistic big-picture view of the entire accreditation process and its implications.

How to structure a strategic approach to accreditation

The accreditation building blocks seminar explains:

  • the context of our training and development legislation and
  • market opportunities for emerging training providers.

We address the overarching accreditation process and unpack the 8-core criteria for accreditation, best practice and how to enter the market competitively.

The seminar outlines specific steps as you embark upon or prepare for accreditation.

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Building Blocks for AccreditationQCTO accreditation and market analysisLearner Policies & Support systemsManagement PolicyQuality Management Systems FrameworkReview Mechanisms and market trendsProgramme Delivery & Market ExpectationsLearner Assessment PoliciesHR Policies and Training Team solutionsPolicy Strategy: Management System, Policies and Biz development

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Entry fee: R1600

Early registration fee available up to 7 days prior to an event: R1 300

For The Strategic Approach to  Accreditation

Comments (6)

  1. Hi,

    I own a start-up company called Microteach. We are a dynamic online training company offering end-user computing courses.

    I am very interested in getting MICT-SETA accreditation.

    Would your workshop be able to advise me on how to receive accreditation for my business?

    Kind regards

    Paul Edgar

    1. Leonie Hall

      Hi Paul! The Building Blocks seminar is the best way to start and understand how to plan your business strategy.
      Many organisations struggle with the process simply because they didn’t make the important links between business sustainability, markets and qualifications. This seminar helps you to do so. Thereafter, choose the sessions most appropriate to your pain points. The QMS design session is another one that provides a holistic birdseye view, it unpacks how business, training, HR, admin and finance systems can be quality assured.
      Hope to see you there! 🙂 Leo

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