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List of QCTO Qualifications with NO Service Providers

If you are a potential learner, this information will not assist you. These qualifications are not being rolled out because no one is providing them YET. Hopefully this will change¬†soon! Is your Training Company Looking for New Opportunities? If you are an organisation looking for expansion opportunities in markets with little or no competition -…
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8 Learnership Recruitment and Selection Strategy Tips

If you're recruiting for a learnership, here are a few tips If you want 10 people to succeed, select 12 candidates in order to mitigate attrition. If you're recruiting for 20, select 25...etc Check if candidates are already registered on the NLRD, if so, red flag them as you could have a problem registering them…
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How to Recruit Unemployed Candidates for Learnerships

Keep Climbing loves that the Department of Labor is putting muscle into Learnership recruitment and selection. Employers, training providers or SETAs can ask the Department of Labor to help them find unemployed learners. The Department will search on their database, hold interviews and make a list of the most suitable¬†unemployed people for the learnership. If…
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